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Condos Le Grandiose (2 floors)

307 900$

Dubé Lavoie Construction lets you live the experience of Domaine Nord Vallée, a unique living space in the heart of the magnificent Laurentians. Treat yourself to a condo of exceptional quality, far from the city’s annoyances and close to cultural activities and sports.

Prize-winning builders, Bruno Dubé and Pierre Lavoie, have won numerous prizes for the excellence of their various housing projects. Domaine Nord Vallée was the winner at the 2011 Qualité Habitation Gala.

Located in the little village of Piedmont and just a few minutes on foot from Saint-Sauveur, Domaine Nord Vallée offers what is without any doubt an incomparable experience!
Come visit our Domaine!

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  • Area: 2 088 sq. ft.
  • Hardwood floors and heated concrete
  • 2 bedrooms with walk-in closets
  • Hardwood stairs
  • Laundry room
  • Gas fireplace
  • 1 bathroom
  • 1 washroom
  • Condo fees: $75/month

Basic features:

  • Air exchanger
  • Sliding patio door
  • Treated pine balcony railings
  • Hardwood stairs
  • Gas fireplace
  • A choice of cupboard styles
  • Outdoor shed
  • PVC guillotine windows
  • 1 or 2 outdoor parking spaces
  • Luxurious finish
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